The District of Muskoka is looking for community members to fill two committees within its I.D.E.A. Project Advisory Committee

Team lead for the District of Muskoka’s Continuous Improvement Unit Tina Kilbourne explains I.D.E.A. stands for inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti-racism. “What the idea advisory group will do is it will act in an advisory capacity to the District council,” she says. “It will also be responsible for finalizing and executing a community action plan.”

Kilbourne says work on the framework for that plan was started in the fall. 

There are two committees people can join: the Champions Committee and the Partners Committee. Kilbourne explains the former is for community members “with lived experience of discrimination” while the latter committee is for agency partners who have a mandate or interest in working with the group’s ideals. “And have a willingness to look at their own policies and approaches and make sure they align with best practices,” she adds.

“District council is committed to creating a community that is inclusive, diverse, equitable and anti-racist, and is one in which all residents have equal opportunity for positive educational, financial, social and health outcomes,” said District Chair John Klinck.  “That is why council voted unanimously to form an I.D.E.A. Advisory Group and have staff work on creating a Community I.D.E.A. Action Plan outlining future initiatives, supports and services to support the goals of the I.D.E.A. project in the workplace and in the broader community.”

To join either committee, fill out a form that’s available on the District’s website.