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Moose Is Loose Lager

Who let the Moose out? Lake of Bays Brewery did. And for a good reason too! 99.5 Moose FM’s collaboration beer with Lake of Bays...

So many things!!!

What do you love most about Muskoka?

And what are you?

What's the most interesting Halloween costume you have ever seen?


What to do with all that leftover turkey!!

Why do I still have Pogs!?

Things from your childhood you still own!?

It’s a tradition!!

My family has a long-running tradition of showing chickens!! Does your family have any strange traditions!?

The scrambler ALL DAY!!

What's your favorite fair ride?

It’s so good!!

What's your favorite fair food!?

I will never get sick of it!!

A movie you can watch over and over again, and never get sick of it!!??

Where did I put that!?

I spend way too much time looking for my keys, wallet, and phone!!! What's something you always misplace?

It’s gonna be SCARY!!

So IT opens in Bracebridge on Saturday, James Bowler and I will be checking it out!!! The original scared the pants off me!!!! What...

I dislike clowns!!

The Movie IT opened in theaters yesterday!!! And I want to see it, even tho I dislike clowns!! What's a goofy fear you have?

No one likes doing it!!

What household chore do you just HATE doing?

It’s the first day!!

Mrs. Mann joins me this morning to talk Back To School!! And who is more excited the kids, or the parents?

I don’t why it’s a thing!!

I can't stand pumpkin spiced ANYTHING!! I don't get the trend!! If there a trend you just can't stand?

It’s so close you can smell it!?

What's your favorite part of the season of fall?

[email protected]

Do you remember your first email address, they were always so embarrassing now that you look back on it. What was your first email address?


I wouldn't go back to school unless I had a Ninja Turtles lunch box, what was your must have back to school item?

Wow one week away!!

What's your favorite school based movie??

Wait it’s been an HOUR?

What's your biggest online waste of time?
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