MUSKOKA, ON-Human Papillomavius or HPV is one the most commonly sexually transmitted infections in Canada and its vaccine could end up being the vaccine for cancer, according to Dr. Colin Lee, one of Simcoe Muskoka’s Associate Medical Officers of Health.

According to Lee, it is estimated that at least three out of four sexually active Canadians have some form of HPV at some point in their life. Due to this fact, most people are unaware that they may have contracted the disease and have unknowingly passed it onto their partner. Most healthy people clear this disease, however many will not and go on to develop cancer.

HPV is the cause for almost all cases of cervical cancers and can lead to other types such as anal, vaginal and vulvar cancer, according to the Medical Officers of Simcoe Muskoka. The safe way to defend yourself against this disease is to get the HPV vaccine which is offered free to boys and girls as part of the grade seven immunization program.

This cancer-preventing vaccine is offered now because research shows that the most opportune time to induce it into your system is before you contract it.

According to Lee, due to this vaccine, infections and genital warts are on the decline and The World Health Organization has aimed to eliminate cervical cancer between 2020-2030.

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