MUSKOKA, ON-Halloween is right around the corner and Health Canada is reminding Canadians to be careful on Halloween night.

Health Canada’s Consumer Product Safety Officer Dennis Kim has several tips to ensure everyone has a fun and spooky night.

Kim suggests that children who dress up, use face paint instead of masks as it could impair the child vision and breathing. Also avoid long flowing costumes as they could be a tripping or fire hazard.

As pumpkins are a traditional Halloween decoration, Kim suggests using small flashlights or battery powered candles to light them so that there will be no chance to set anything alight. Kim also recommends that parents try to avoid decorations that use fire or flammable objects.

As for trick or treating, Kim suggests children and parents look over their candy before they eat them. Parents are also advised to make sure their children look both ways before crossing the road and be aware for on coming traffic. Make sure your children only visit well-lit areas and to not visit homes who do not have their lights on.

If any parents have questions they can email [email protected]