BRACEBRIDGE, ON – With snowplow season right around the corner, the town is reminding motorists about the rules of overnight parking.

From October 16th to April 15th, parking is prohibited between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. on all municipal roads and most municipal parking lots.

In a  release from the town, it said there are multiple year-round overnight parking lots in the downtown area. The spaces have been designated for overnight parking and have signage posted indicating that it is permitted.

The town’s website has a map showing all the places to park and the rules for each area.

The released added the restrictions are in place regardless of weather conditions

“Winter weather can change quickly and unexpectedly and it is important that the roadways and
parking lots be kept free of parked motor vehicles during the restricted overnight hours.,” The release said. “By ensuring that their motor vehicles are not left overnight on a municipal roadway or in a Town parking lot, residents are supporting and enabling the snowplow operators to safely and effectively clear snow”

Any vehicles left in restricted areas can be ticketed and even towed at the owner’s expense. The penalty is a $35 ticket which can cost over $125 if the vehicle needs to be towed.

Any residents planning to consume alcohol are asked to plan ahead by leaving their vehicles at home or in a designated overnight lot.