How high schools deal with students possessing marijuana legally will be a code of conduct issue.

Catherine Shedden, the spokesperson for the Trillium Lakeland District School Board says if a student is of legal age to possess marijuana as of October 17th, they will still not be able to consume it and enter a school. Each school adheres to a Code of Conduct that means students consuming drugs or alcohol cannot enter the school.

“The code of conduct would apply to anyone entering a school property under the influence,” said Shedden. When pressed about a school administrator’s ability to check a student for possession of marijuana or alcohol, Shedden said that was the purview of the local school staff.

“Under the code of conduct they would have the right to check a person as they came into a school if they thought there was reason to do so,” said Shedden.

In terms of consuming pot, the rules are clear that it cannot take place on any school property, but most schools have the designated non-school property zone where kids typically smoke cigarettes or vape. While it might be legal as of next Wednesday to smoke pot there, the rules of being under the influence at school would still take precedence.