We now know what our elected representatives made in Bracebridge this past year. In 2014 Mayor Graydon Smith made just over $36,000 ($36,066.86) which included health and insurance benefits. On top of that he was also paid close to $7,000 in expenses ($6,994.86). Deputy Mayor Rick Maloney was second highest paid on council. He received just over $25,000 ($25,072.53) which included Health and Insurance benefits. His extra expenses totalled $3,367. Councillors Lori Lynn Giaschi Pacini and Steve Clement were third highest paid – each made $20,724, but Clement also received $808 in expenses. For the breakdown on how much everyone else was paid on council in 2014, visit the Town’s website at www.bracebridge.on.ca and look at the current General Committee Agenda. Many expenses paid out cover travel, meals and accommodations while attending meetings out of town.