A third SaveStation AED is being installed in Bracebridge, this time at James W. Kerr Park.

AED stands for automated external defibrillator and helps people dealing with a sudden cardiac arrest. The other two SaveStations are at Kelvin Grove Park and at Annie Williams Memorial Park. Manager of Programs for Town of Bracebridge’s Recreation Department Linda Hillman says the devices are available year-round, adding staff decided on the new location – and other two – based on how much activity happens at the respective parks.

The majority of the cost of the new device is being covered by a $3,500 donation from TC Energy and a $500 from the Bracebridge Tennis Club. Hillman says the town is contributed just under $500 to cover some installation costs. 

The SaveStation has a defibrillator (AED) inside of it. An alarm also sounds when the box is opened, which Hillman says helps prevent vandalism, but also alerts anyone in the area that help may be needed. She notes that the device doesn’t call 911, so the person or someone else still needs to do that. 

“Sudden Cardiac Arrests happen in Canada on average every 13 minutes,” Hillman explains. The good news is that there is over 75-percent survival rate when an AED is used within the first 10 minutes. For this reason, public-access AED’s that everyone can use are the difference to save a life.”

Hillman says there aren’t any plans to install a fourth SaveStation in town at this time.