In the wake of a pair of recent drownings in Muskoka, you’re being reminded of the importance of being cautious while out on the waters.

That advice comes from OPP following two incidents that have taken place in the District since August 10.

The first involved a 43-year-old who drowned in Three Mile Lake in Muskoka Lakes Township – while the second, which occurred this past Tuesday, involved an 81-year old man whose kayak had overturned in the Bracebridge River.

OPP Constable Samantha Bigley says in both these instances – the victims were not wearing lifejackets or Personal Floatation Devices.

“Anyone who’s been boating or is familiar with the water would know that wearing a PFD or a lifejacket is going to in most cases make the difference when it comes to surviving trouble on the water,” Bigley said.

Bigley notes that there is no single cause that leads to drowning but there are multiple contributing factors.

She says people tend to panic when they are in the water unexpectedly, especially in colder temperatures and when they are not cognitive of their surroundings in certain waterways.

“The shock and the gasp for air if your heads underwater when you have that first shock – that can be a pretty critical moment. Also, when the water is cold, you tend to lose mobility in your limbs so having that floatation device can do that work for you and you can try and focus on just staying warm.”

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