HUNTSVILLE, ON- A father has been sentenced after putting his infant daughter in danger and resisting arrest.

According to court details, Huntsville OPP received a call at around 10:00 a.m. on August 21st from a wife who just been assaulted by her common-law husband.

His sentencing was carried out today at the Bracebridge courthouse, after he was found guilty of failure to provide the necessities of life, assaulting a peace officer and assaulting his common-law wife.

His wife had accused the 39-year-old of taking their seven-month-old daughter out on his scooter, clutching her so tightly that the mother believed that he was going to cut off her air supply.

While police were searching for the man, an officer identified the suspect riding his scooter up the road in Huntsville and asked to speak to him. He refused and then tried to ram his scooter into the patrol vehicle twice.

As the officer pursued, the man became more agitated and yelled at the officer. When the officer realized that the man was holding the baby with one arm, he exited his vehicle and tried to stop the scooter manually.

While he was able to do so and secure the baby, the man struck the officer on the side of the head.

Justice Ted Carlton, who presided over the sentencing, said that the officer fell into the ditch on the side of the road while still protecting the baby. After the fight, the officer gave the baby to their grandmother after following the man back to his wife’s mother’s home. He was then placed under arrest.

It wasn’t until October 29th that the man pleaded guilty in Bracebridge court to failing to provide the necessities of life, assaulting a peace officer and assaulting his common-law wife.

According to the information that was presented in court during sentencing on Wednesday, the man has had a drug problem all of his life, which is believed to have had an impact on his actions that day.

The Crown and defence offered a submission for sentencing that included four months of jail time, as well as probation, that includes no contact with his spouse and a restraining order of 100 meters unless she grants permission.

He is also not allowed to see his child and must remain 100 meters from her as well unless he is given permission from the Children’s Aid Society or a family court order.

The man was taken into custody immediately following the sentencing.