An annual writing endurance test and fundraiser has set its 2019 target.

The Muskoka Novel Marathon is looking to raise $30,000. The marathon sees forty writers come to Huntsville every summer and go at it for three days in the “ultimate writing race.”

The event raises money for adult literacy programs in Muskoka. Last year it raised $32,500 and has brought in over $202,000 in its 17 years of existence.

Organizers say there are still a few seats available for people who’d like to take part. The marathon involves prizes for participants and other goodies, such as submitting your work for feedback. One of the prizes is an inside track to an editor at a publishing house.

Anyone can participate; you don’t necessarily have to be a professional writer. The Muskoka Novel Marathon is happening from July 12th to the 15th at the Canada Summit Centre. You can find more details about it, including how to sign up, at its website.