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#9PMRoutine reminds drivers to lock up their vehicles at night

Lock it up by 9:00pm.

That’s the message from the OPP as officers work to combat vehicle thefts. Police say an unlocked vehicle is a prime target for thieves looking for a quick grab opportunity.

But, even locked vehicles can be targeted if valuables are in sight. The OPP warns drivers to either bring things like electronics, wallets and cash inside or hide it out of sight if you’re parking for the night.

Police say it’s as easy as following the KOPCAR method:

  • Keys – Make sure doors, windows, cars and outbuildings are locked at night,
  • Outside lights – Make sure outside lights are on, but only illuminate places around the outside of the house that are easily seen,
  • Property – Take personal property such as keys, wallets, cell phones to the bedroom when going to bed,
  • Close curtains – Close blinds and curtains after dusk so potential thieves cannot see into the home,
  • Alarm – If the residence has an alarms, set it, and
  • Rest easy – Relax and sleep easy, knowing that the home is safe and secure.



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