The CEO for Muskoka Algonquin Health Care is happy to have the help.

MAHC CEO Natalie Bubela.

Commenting on the announcement of a $981, 990 funding request being fulfilled by the Ontario Government Natalie Bubela says while the overall amount of capital projects for hospitals in Bracebridge and Huntsville tops $40 million, this money is still important to the organization.

“There were a number of upgrades required in things that really aren’t all that sexy,” she confirmed. “Things like electrical supply, replacing electrical breakers, making sure that equipment in areas was meeting the new requirements or current standards that are out there.”

She agreed that the important thing about this type of funding, which comes in annually, is that the required upgrades can happen while not impacting the longterm goals of both hospitals.

“This is to help us with those things that we might not have people out in the community prepared to provide donations to,” says Bubela. “We’re very, very happy with the amount we have been allocated. But we do have about $40 million in capital infrastructure requirements, investments that are required across both sites.”

She also notes the funding will become more important as both sites age. South Muskoka Memorial Hospital was built in 1964 while Huntsville Memorial District Hospital was built in 1978.

“These type of infrastructure investments are needed and will be increasing in need as these buildings age,” says Bubela.