Would you like to represent Huntsville as a community torchbearer in 2015? The Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games Torch Relay is coming to Huntsville next spring and officials need a special community torchbearer who will have the honor of carrying the Pan Am flame and spreading the Game spirit as well as representing Huntsville on a national level.

The Town and the Pan Am Community Planning Team is accepting torchbearer nominations between November 1st – 30th. “We would like to encourage all of our Huntsville residents to consider members of the community they wish to nominate to be an official community torchbearer,” says Simone Babineau, Manager of Recreation and Leisure.

Residents interested in submitting a nomination should review the nomination criteria and fill out a form available online at Huntsville.ca or at Town of Huntsville locations as well as the Huntsville/Lake of Bays Chamber of Commerce.  Residents looking to enter the nation-wide torchbearer contest are also encouraged visit  www.TORONTO2015.org/torch-relay. For more information on the Torch Relay in Huntsville, visit www.Huntsville.ca