A Sundridge man is banned from owning any pets for five years.

The ban comes after Gregory Jackson Hall was found guilty of negligence in a provincial court in Parry Sound.

The 33-year-old was charged by the OSPCA last year, after three dogs were discovered in his Sundridge home living in unsanitary conditions with dog feces and urine covering the floor. The animals also didn’t have access to water. They were taken from the home and have since been adopted according to animal welfare officials.

OSPCA Senior Investigator Alison Green says all animals deserve proper care.

“There is no excuse for an animal to be living in unsanitary condition without access to basic necessities like water.”

She was pleased the dogs were rescued and placed in new loving homes where they’ll be cared for properly.

As part of his conviction, Hall was also fined just over $2,000. OSPCA officials say public tips are a necessity during animal cruelty investigations. If you have a tip you can contact the provincial topline at 310-SPCA.