An initiative to keep kids’ hands warm is about to start in Gravenhurst.

Modelled after the children’s book In the Mitten Tree residents are invited to decorate a tree at the library with kids’ mittens.

In the book, written by Candace Christiansen, the main character Sarah sees a boy waiting for a bus on a cold day and notices he doesn’t have any mittens. Sarah decides to knit him a pair and leaves them on the tree next to the bus stop.

Sarah eventually fills the tree with her knitting efforts.

“That’s what we hope to do here at the Gravenhurst Public Library and we are calling on people in the community to help us make it happen,” said CEO and Chief Librarian Julia Reinhart.

Donations are being accepted from November 19th to December 14th at the library. All decorations are being donated to the Manna Food Bank and the Women’s Resource Centre in Gravenhurst.