Don’t let your camping trip go up in smoke if you’re getting high.

Parks Canada is letting campers use marijuana on private sites as well as in backcountry and on trails in registered parks in Ontario. But, Fire Prevention Officer Breyan Sinnott says campers need to be cautious when smoking weed because the leftover butt can cause a devastating disaster.

“Butts from joints are the same in our eyes as cigarette butts,” says Sinnott. “(Make sure) you’re disposing of in approved areas.”

She says if you’re using an ashtray make sure it’s large and deep enough that it won’t be easily knocked over. And when you’re ready to dump the butts, Sinnott says you should use a metal can and avoid regular trash cans found in the parks.

“Butts left in garbage containers will heat the inside and any of the trash and it has the potential to start a rubbish fire.”

During the dry summer months, this can quickly spark into an out of control destructive wildfire.

“Keep in mind peat moss, shredded wood, bark, everything you’ll find in an outdoor park is very ignitable.”

And Sinnott says anyone found guilty of causing a wildfire with a joint or cigarette butt can face serious consequences.

“You’d be paying for every truck responding and all the firefighter’s wages,” says Sinnott.

On top of municipal fines, you can also face charges from the MNRF, which include fines up to $25,000 and possible jail time.

You can find out more about Parks Canada’s new rules on marijuana and camping here.