Taxi wait times in Bracebridge could start lowering soon. The town is releasing its final license bringing the total back up to 16 after the loss of a taxi company last year.

Scott Stakiw is the by-law enforcement officerfor the town of Bracebridge and is in charge of issuing taxi licenses. He says the wait times are too long right now.

“Hopefully, once all 16 licenses are claimed and the 16 vehicles put into circulation, the backlog for taxis should be much shorter,” Stakiw wrote in an email to Moose FM.

The town has just gone through the process of issuing seven licenses, with the final, eighth license being issued on Tuesday, July 24th.

The one license on offer has multiple applicants so those qualified to receive the license are being put into a draw to determine where it will go.

“There will be a draw made with the winner having 30 days to satisfy all of the by-law requirements for the taxi-cab vehicle,” writes Stakiw.

Those requirements include lettering of the vehicle, installation, and calibration of the meter to local rates and all insurance documents in place.