Police are reminding homeowners to be wary of door-to-door salespeople.

The OPP says spring weather can bring out the home repair solicitors, but under new provincial laws, a majority of these salespeople are banned from darkening your doorstep. This includes sales for water filters, water heaters, pumps and duct cleaning services.

However, you may still be contacted by fraudsters claiming to offer these types of home repair services. Police say if you’re offered these services, be careful and always ask for identification or a contractor licence. Never give a cash deposit and if you’re writing a cheque, make sure it’s made out to a company and not a person.

If you think you’ve been visited by a fraudster, help the OPP by calling your local police detachment. Get as much information as you can, including a description of the person and if they’re driving a car, a licence plate number.