The number of flu cases is expected to rise in Muskoka over the next couple of weeks. Dr. Colin LeeAssociate Medical Officer of Health with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, says the season is expected to peak within the next two weeks. He says this year’s flu season is looking like it’s going to be more severe than normal due to a couple of different factors.

Lee says the flu shot isn’t as effective for the Influenza-A strain, also known as H3N2.

Lee says the second issue is Influenza-B, which usually comes later in the season but is already making the rounds in the area.

Lee says that’s because the strain is more of an issue of kids, but it will still make adults ill as well. He says some common symptoms of the flu include a fever, body aches and unable to get out of bed. If you’re feeling sick, Lee says stay at home. But, he says if you have a medical condition, difficulty breathing, or if kids are listless, seek medical attention.

As of January 2nd, the health unit had 134 confirmed cases of the flu. Seventy-nine per cent of those cases were Influenza-A, while 21 per cent were Influenza-B.