This years recipients of funding through the Terence Haight Financial Assistance Program in Gravenhurst have been announced.

“We continue to be grateful for the enormous financial gift the Town received upon the passing of Mr. Haight,” said Mayor Paisley Donaldson. “We intend to use his gift by continually supporting the well-being of our community. Our hope is that Mr. Haight’s generous spirit will live on through these deserving recipients and the work they do in our community,” added the Mayor.

In the program’s second year, a total amount of $11,600 was awarded. This year’s recipients are; Ryde Community Co-op ($1,500.00) the Severn Bridge Community Hall ($6,900.00) and Free Stuff For Daily Needs in the amount of ($3,200.00).

The Terence Haight Financial Assistance program was established by the Town of Gravenhurst Council in 2013, following the significant financial gift of $1 million that was left to the Town by Mr. Terence Haight, who passed in December 2008. The funds goal is to provide limited financial assistance to groups andorganizations within the municipality to assist with activities, special events or with an improvement to the organization’s existing assets.

Community groups who wish to apply for 2016 funding will be able find application and funding guidelines on the Town’s website in Septemeber 2015. The submission deadline for consideration is December 2015.