There are mixed feeling from local parents on the changes to the new sexual education curriculum.

Starting in September, students as early as grade one will learn about the proper names for body parts and picking up socials cues. It will progress in later grades to discuss topics like same-sex relationships, puberty, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, sexting and more.

Michelle Ainsworth is a local mother who says she’s trilled her son will be learning more about same-sex marriages and couples.

Ashley Stewart is a mother of two boys. She says it’s about time the curriculum was updated. She says she didn’t learn sex education from her parents.

Stewart says she believes kids have more respect for their teachers than their own parents in some cases and might take these lessons more seriously if it’s coming from the school. Another local mother, who wished not to be named, says it’s important for parents to understand that things have changed over the years and the school curriculum needs to keep up with the times.

Meanwhile, local parents against the new curriculum have said teaching sex-ed to kids as early as grade one isn’t necessary. These parents have said they have problems with some of the content such as the different types of sexual intercourse They say it’s taking away a child’s innocence and should be up to the parents to decide what should be taught.

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