A fourth candidate is in the running to becoming Huntsville’s Town and District councillor. Nancy Alcock believes we have an engaged community. She says many issues she cares about are issues that have come from residents.

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Sports tourism, Hospice Huntsville and community gardens are other examples of our engaged community. Muskoka has been a part of Alcock’s family for the past three decades. Alcock says even when lived outside Muskoka, she was always up-to-date on what’s happen in the area.

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Alcock also says she is excited to represent a community she’s been a part of for over 30 years.

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Alcock says she wants to change how leadership is done. She says she would like to see council be part of the vision and help set that vision in initiatives to make Huntsville better. Alcock is running against Brian Thompson, Karin Terziano and John Davis. Only three candidates will be elected.