After more than 10 years as President and CEO, Natalie Bubela is retiring from Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare (MAHC).

Bubela joined MAHC in her current role in January of 2011. She’ll be leaving the organization on December 23, 2021, just a few weeks shy of 11 years.

“I’m going to really miss the people and the work we’ve been able to do together, but it is the right decision for my family and myself at this time,” says Bubela. “I think the timing is right now, the organization is in great financial shape, we’ve resolved some of our financial difficulties, and I think our leadership team has absolutely demonstrated competency to be able to manage through a pandemic, and I have every confidence in them that they’ll be able to do that through this fourth wave.”

Of her time at MAHC, Bubela says she’s happy she could oversee the expansion of clinical services, such as orthopedic procedures, and she’s most proud of her work in professional development for staff.

Although she’s retiring from MAHC, Bubela says she plans to stay active in the healthcare field. She’s been a surveyor for Accreditation Canada for the past 20 years, and she plans to continue that work after taking a much-needed breather.

“I haven’t had a vacation throughout this entire pandemic, so I’m looking forward to some downtime,” says Bubela. “If there are some small projects coming up, I’d love to do that, but otherwise, [I’ll] hopefully travel, read, spend time with the dogs and family.”