The five Fire Chiefs in Muskoka have decided to raise the fire danger rating in the district to “moderate.”

Fire Prevention Officer for the Huntsville/Lake of Bays Fire Department Mike Vadlja says this doesn’t change the rules for residents: a daytime burn ban is still in effect. That means that no burning is allowed between 8 AM and 6 PM. “People just need to use a little more caution if they’re starting campfires,” he adds. Vadlja says it’s vital you have the proper tools to put your fire out safely and make sure whatever you’re burning is completely out before leaving the area.

The six municipalities may have differing burning rules, so Vadja suggests reaching out to your fire department for clarification.

The danger rating has been upped to “moderate” because of how dry it will be over the next couple of weeks. “We’re anticipating that the fire behaviour is going to pick up,” Vadlja tells the newsroom. For the rating to change, it will depend on how much precipitation the region sees. “The higher humidity levels do keep the rating down a little bit, but it’s all up to the precipitation,” he goes on to say.