The Central Region OPP laid 1,460 driving-related charges over the Civic Holiday long weekend.

Officers stopped more than 1,600 vehicles on OPP-patrolled roads, trails, and waterways in the region. The OPP says the main focus over the weekend was the “Big Four” of dangerous driving: speeding and aggressive driving, distracted driving, impaired driving, and improper use of seat belts.

Of the charges laid, speeding alone was responsible for 933 charges, with 47 charges for improper use of seatbelts, 34 for stunt driving or racing, 22 for impaired driving, and nine for distracted driving. 

Central Region OPP’s Gosia Puzio says all of these incidents can be easily avoided.

“Motorists are reminded to remain vigilant and courteous on the road,” says Puzio. “Everything comes down to driver behaviour and if we all take responsibility in our driving and are mindful of how our driving impacts others, we can all get to our destination safely.”

Puzio also says it’s important to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles and tow trucks, as well as maintain a safe stopping distance behind other vehicles.