The thunderstorm warning is in effect for Bracebridge, Gravenhurst, Huntsville, Baysville, Town of Parry Sound, Rosseau, and  Killbear Park.

According to Environment Canada, This line of severe thunderstorms is located from 9 kilometres south of Twentyseven Lake to Hekkla, moving northeast at 100 km/h.

Locations impacted include:
Sprucedale, Doe Lake, Buck Lake, Little Doe Lake, Emsdale, Novar, Perry Lake, Hassard Lake, Kearney, Beaver Lake, Sand Lake, Ravensworth, Western Algonquin Park, Misty Lake and Daventry.

Severe thunderstorm warnings are issued when imminent or occurring thunderstorms are likely to produce or are producing one or more of the following: large hail, damaging winds, torrential rainfall.