Huntsville Mayor Scott Aitchison walked away from a serious collision on Highway 11.

Aitchison was involved in one of several crashes on the highway during the snow storm on Jan. 6. In a Facebook post Aitchison writes it was, “my first and hopefully last multi-car accident. Thanks to the quick thinking of my best bud Scott Morrison we were not sandwiched by a tanker truck! We are both bruised and shaken up but OK.”

Meantime, Morrison posted a more detailed account of what happened. He writes about how he and Aitchison came to a stop on Highway 11 because of a collision ahead, but were rear ended. Morrison writes the car spun around, “in time for me to watch another car coming full speed at us for a t-bone, Not to mention the two tractor trailers that barely missed us. Feeling very grateful and fortunate tonight.”

There’s been an out pour of support and comments for both Aitchison and Morrison on their Facebook pages. At least seven collisions were reported in the Huntsville area.