The application process for the Town of Gravenhurst’s annual community group funding program is open now.

The Terence Haight Financial Assistance Program was established by Gravenhurst council to help community groups and organizations in town work on existing or future programs. “Community organizations that provide a service to town residents can apply for a community grant from the town,” explains Treasurer Ross Jeffery.

Gravenhurst’s budget is to be decided this week by town council, but Jeffery says around $25,000 will be allocated for whoever gets the funding.

The application is available on the town’s website. The deadline to submit your application is March 3rd.

Jeffery says the successful applicant will need to demonstrate a need in the community for what they’re doing or planning to do and also show that they have support from residents. 

In the past, he says they have supported Gravenhurst Against Poverty, the Gravenhurst Women’s Centre, and the Gravenhurst High School’s robotics team. “Basically any activity or service that’s directed towards town residents,” Jeffery says.