It’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month all through September.

With a pair of blood drives in cottage country this month, Canadian Blood Services is encouraging you to roll up your sleeves and donate blood in honour of families affected by childhood cancer and survivors.

Territory Manager Elain St. Pierre says with school starting up next week – it’s important to remember that some kids won’t be so fortunate to get the opportunity to attend.

“We’re all getting ready for back-to-school and what that might look like. There are kids out there who may not be going back to school and their family members aren’t going because of the compromised situation as well. So, we just give our support to them and donating blood is certainly one way you can support those patients.”

According to Canadian Blood Services, every week 1,600 new blood donors are needed across Canada and it can take as many as eight donors per week to help a child with leukemia.

St. Pierre says this month is all about spreading awareness about the life-saving impact blood donations can have.

“A child battling cancer can need up to five blood donors to help treat their illness. So, that’s something near and dear to our heart and there’s probably about 1500 children diagnosed with cancer every year in this country so, we want to make sure they’re supported as well and September is a great time to remind them that.”

The next blood drive is being held in Parry Sound at St. Peter’s Church on September 18, followed by another in Bracebridge at the Sportsplex on September 28.

To book an appointment to donate, head here or call1 888-2-DONATE.