The latest legislation by the Federal government regarding the CERB is not sitting well with the Member of Parliament for Parry Sound-Muskoka.

In an interview with MyMuskokaNow, MP Scott Aitchison says opposition parties are standing in solidarity of their stance against the legislation – which was seeking to crack down on those who made fraudulent claims for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.

When asked about residents who may have accidentally made false claims – Aitchison says if you think you’ve made a mistake – the best path is to contact the CERB hotline.

“Fraud is fraud, so that’s something that should be punished obviously. If someone has made a legitimate mistake in not understanding the system – that I can understand because it’s been a confusing mess of bureaucratic bungling by this government. So, my recommendation to people is to reach out.”

Aitchison feels that the Liberal government has taken too many liberties with the legislation – despite their minority government status.

He says now is the time to get back to business so that opposing voices can challenge the Federal Government.

“We should get back to the business of holding the government to account and honestly making suggestions for how to make legislation – like what they are proposing now better. Bloc Quebecois has suggested splitting it up so we can all vote on separate pieces of the legislation. But the Liberal government is being stubborn and operating as if they have a majority mandate.”

Atchison adds that this is about getting Parliament back to work and doing so in a way that is safe in responsible.

He notes he understands why opposition parties are holding out from supporting the new bill.

“This is another classic situation where the opposition parties, Conservatives included, of course, made some suggestions on how to operate and get money into the hands of Canadians much faster and small business and the government wasn’t interested in those suggestions.”

Aitchison says if you have any concerns or questions about the legislation – you can reach out to his office. 

Parliament is not scheduled to sit again until June 17th.