MUSKOKA, ON-To ensure a safe walk for everyone, Trek for Tourette has gone virtual.

As the COVID-19 virus is making it unsafe to walk in larger groups, Shawn Forth from the Muskoka branch told the newsroom that they are encouraging residents to go out on their own walks.

Trek for Tourette is an annual national walk event that raises money and awareness for people living with Tourette Syndrome. 

When asked how the community will still be able to connect, Forth said they are encouraging everyone to visit their Facebook page here. From there, people will be able to post photos and videos while they are out on their walk to show support. 

Forth said that while they do not have a fundraising goal for this event, their primary aim is to raise awareness for people living with Tourette Syndrome. Most of the money raised, however, will go towards Tourette Canada for research, building awareness and education campaigns as well as creating resources for families. 

Forth was not able to specify the actual population of how many in Muskoka live with Tourette Syndrome, but the science indicates that about 1 percent of the Canadian population lives with some form of it. “Tourette Syndrome is considered a childhood disorder as it usually develops between the age of six and 10, and especially for those who are young, they need to meet others who are suffering from the same disorder. What I am hoping for is to help raise awareness in the community and give that support to families who may be coping with a new diagnosis and give children the chance to meet someone their age with the same disorder.”

Forth said they usually get anywhere between 65 to 80 participants in Muskoka, with hundreds more across the country. 

If you are interested in participating, you can go to the Trek website here to register for the May 31st walk.