Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare is working to make it easier for Muskokans to understand what’s happening with redevelopment talks. MAHC has added a question and answer section to its website to explain some of the information surrounding its current project on the future of hospitals in Muskoka. The first question it answers is why a one-hospital site model is still being discussed when the community has openly spoken against it.

According to the website, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care directed MAHC to look at the three models proposed in 2015, and says it has focused on developing the two different two-site models first, before developing the one-site model. The options for keeping the two hospitals are having two acute care sites, which would cost around $475 million through a combination of new build and renovation, and designating inpatient and outpatient services at each location which would cost around $373 million through new build and renovations.

Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare hosted a public meeting earlier this month to hear from the community on the different options. It says a recurring theme in that meeting is two full service, or status quo, sites is what the community prefers. MAHC also says it came away from that meeting with the message that there is a willingness to support renovating the existing facilities as opposed to a new build, and that people and businesses chose their locations based on the current hospital sites.

MAHC responded to a Facebook page set up over the weekend, which aims to send the message that the community wants to keep both hospitals. CEO Natalie Bubela says MAHC is receptive and is listening to all public feedback.