With the recent warm weather, no ice is safe ice. That’s the message from Huntsville OPP Staff Sergeant John Graham, which comes on the heels of a death in Bracebridge when a snowmobile went through the ice Thursday night.

Graham says sledders need to plan ahead in order to stay safe. He says if you’re on still on your ski-doos or snowmobiles in cottage country, plan your routes according to the weather and ice conditions. On top of that, the majority of trails are closed in the area and Graham says if you’re on a trail marked as unavailable on the OFSC online map, you’re trespassing and it could be dangerous.


Photo: A look at the current trail status around cottage country.

On top of the potentially dangerous trail conditions, Graham also says to stay away from waterways.

So if anyone does slip into the water, Graham says the OPP is fearful hypothermia will set in. If you’re not sure about the thickness of ice on any given waterway, Graham says stay off of it.