An initiative to bring in steady funding for the Table Soup Kitchen Foundation is off to a slow start. Bring It To The Table aims to get 12 businesses on board to commit to ongoing financial support, to the tune of $2,250 per month for a year. So far, two businesses have signed up for the initiative; Tulloch Engineering and just recently Sunrise Centre Dental also committed.

Table President Heather Berg says the more businesses that sign up, the better the foundation can plan for the future.

This comes as the Table Men’s Shelter is at risk of closing, unless the foundation can bring in $275,000 by the end of the year. Berg says the foundation has seen a drop in cash donations over the last year, which could mean the shelter, which is the only one of its kind in Huntsville, may have to close for around four months. She says it costs around $13,000 a month for food, staffing and programming for the shelter.

She says they are trusting enough money comes in to keep the foundation’s other five services open, which cost around $27,000 a month to run.


That includes the soup kitchen, food bank, exchange store, love connection and community kitchen. She says those services aren’t in jeopardy right now, but they are desperately needing support to keep the men’s shelter open. Businesses can sign up for the Bring It To The Table program on the foundation’s website, and personal donations can also be made online.

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