A public engagement process has been launched for residents in Muskoka Lakes.

In an effort to update the township’s strategic plan, it is launching a public engagement phase and is seeking input from the public on key components that were identified as potential areas of focus for the plan.

The strategic plan is a guiding document supporting Council’s decision-making and staff activities to ensure the Township is moving in the right direction.

Other important plans and activities, including the Official Plan, are guided by the strategic plan.

“The strategic plan defines the Township’s mission and vision, and identifies priority areas that provide a road map for the future of the Township of Muskoka Lakes,” Mayor Phil Harding said. “I encourage the public to participate in engagement opportunities as it is an important part of the process of developing the plan.”

Meanwhile, Muskoka Lakes has retained a third-party consulting firm, StrategyCorp, for support in the strategic planning process and to facilitate the public engagement process.

So far, the process has included consultation with Council members and senior staff to identify potential areas of focus.

The next phase of the project will focus on engaging the public to gain feedback on what priorities and goals should guide decisions in Muskoka Lakes over the next several years.

A survey, which launched Monday is available on the community engagement platform and will be available until Friday, October 30.

Meanwhile, the community is also encouraged to attend a virtual town-hall session which will be held on Saturday, October 17.

The township says the outcome of this feedback process will be a set of recommendations that will be put to Council later this fall.

The draft strategic plan will be presented to Council later this year.