MUSKOKA, ON- An animal care centre in cottage country has advice for residents when it comes to their pets this winter.

Jane McCamus, the central manager for the Muskoka Animal Center, spoke with the newsroom this morning.

McCamus said that what’s important is to know your pet’s limits. “Some dogs are more susceptible to cold than others,” said McCamus.

She identified that young, small and elderly dogs get cold more quickly compared to more middle-aged and larger dogs.

For dogs who enjoy being outdoors, McCamus said that if you plan on being outside for extended periods of time, consider investing in a small coat for your canine.

She also said that if you were to buy small boots for your pet, remember there will be an adjustment period and be sure to get thin water-proof boots.

According to McCamus, hypothermia poses a real risk to dogs and cats during the winter season. She noted that if the weather is cold for you, it is probably colder for your pets.

“During the winter sometimes feral cats will climb into the hood of your car to escape the cold,” said McCamus.

If this is the case, she suggests rapping your engine and that should encourage any animals hiding to pop out.

McCamus said that if anyone has any extra canned dog or cat food or even spare coats for pets, they would be accepting donations at the centre.

For more information about keeping your pets safe this winter, you can call the Muskoka Animal Center at 705-645-6225.