With water levels stabilizing north of town and favourable weather this past weekend water levels in Lake Muskoka have crested and are beginning to recede.

“Town staff are monitoring levels daily and in particular on Lake Muskoka levels crested over the weekend” said Todd Clapp, Deputy Fire Chief and Community Emergency Management Coordinator “levels are beginning to recede and have dropped by several centimeters each day since Saturday.”

The town would like to remind residents that water levels are still elevated and are urged to continue watching levels closely. Another round of precipitation is forecast for mid-week and the area could see up to 35mm of rainfall that may have an effect as water continues to move quickly through local waterways.

Sandbags are still available at Cowbell Lane, Severn River Road East, Muskoka Bay Park, Sunshine Court. Fill your own locations are still active at Cowbell Lane, Severn River Road East, Graham Road, Sunshine Court, Muskoka Bay Park and the Municipal Public Works Yard at 1054 Crawford Road.

“Though levels are beginning to recede they’re still much higher than normal for this time of year and could take several weeks to recede fully” added Todd Clapp, “residents and visitors are reminded that these areas still pose a risk to safety and caution should be used if you must venture near them.”

Residents should continue to be on the look-out for changing conditions.  Keep in mind the Transport Canada Interim Order prohibiting navigation remains in effect on Lake Muskoka.