The Town of Huntsville has declared a State of Emergency.

Water levels are already high and with a number of areas in town already flooded, Environment Canada is forecasting more heavy rains for the region starting tonight and lasting late into Friday.

Between 25 and 40 millimetre of rain is expected to fall, although it could exceed 50mm.

By declaring the State of Emergency town staff will have access to the additional and necessary resources if in fact the predicted rain fall amounts come.

As of today at 12:00pm, Huntsville lakes continue to rise at a slower rate. Water levels in the Big East River are slowly lowering and we continue to see rising waters and flooded roads south of Brunel Locks and throughout the Port Sydney area.

Property owners in low-lying areas will need to take precautionary measures to protect their property. For flooding resources and sand bag information please visit the Town of Huntsville website at

Town of Huntsville Emergency Control Group and MNRF Officials will continue to monitor conditions and updates will be issued as required. Residents are encouraged to monitor local media outlets, the MNRF and the Town of Huntsville website for updates.

Emergency services are prepared to assist as needed and residents are reminded to call 911 for emergency calls only. Residents are reminded that if they have flood damage to contact their insurance provider.

Please note that flooded roads are closed for public safety and it is illegal to drive on a closed road.

The town continues to remind residents to stay clear of waterways. Parents and guardians are also advised to remind children to stay clear of open waters, creeks and rivers.