It’s all about the angles.

Starting this year paving of two roads in the District of Muskoka will feature a 30-degree angle at the edges. That is down from the current 90-degree cut.

So what does this less severe angle mean to the drivers in the area? A much safer exit and entry to shoulders next to the roads for one.

In a report to council, it was revealed studies show the lower angle is “most effective on our high volume, higher speed roads where potential road platform exits increase and the need for recovery at higher speeds becomes critical.”

The higher angle can make it easier to lose control of a car as it accelerates to get back on a roadway.

Deputy Mayor of Bracebridge, Rick Maloney, introduced the news to his council this week. He sits on the District’s engineering committee.

The news was well received, with Councillor Mark Quemby inquiring if rumbles strips would also be incorporated. Maloney did not know at the time if that was a planned integration.

In terms of cost, there is about a 1 per cent increase to current paving methods.

The slighter angle will now angle nicely onto a new style graded shoulder material.

Maloney announced the District would be paving Muskoka Road 118 W from West Mall in Bracebridge to the edge of Muskoka Lakes Township later this year using the new edging, as well as Muskoka Road 117 towards Baysville. Based on observation on these projects, if all is positive all District roads will receive the same treatment on future paving jobs.