An open house information session takes place Wednesday night at Gravenhurst High School.

The event is to welcome students currently in the eighth grade and present information about what they can expect making the switch from middle school to high school.

Trent Willett is the principal and says it is an important night to educate and reassure the young students about what lies ahead.

“It’s chance for them to learn more about the different pathways available to them in high school,” says Willett.

Everything from course selection to where they eat lunch will be laid out for the students. Willett says it is good for the school to be able to make early contact with students and parents as well.

“I always say they come in with excitement and some nervousness about coming to high school,” he confirms. “The goal of the evening from our perspective is just to set the nerves aside and let the excitement take over of becoming a Gryphon. One of the many nice things about the high school is we are a very tight-knit community. You know your teachers really well and the students get to know each other really well.”

It all takes place this Wednesday night, January 16th at the school, 325 Mary St S, Gravenhurst, running from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. No registration is required.