November is expected to be warmer than usual in Muskoka, but that still means cold.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Gerald Cheng says you likely won’t feel much difference because overall the temperature is dipping closer to winter norms.

“Our seasonal values are getting lower as well, so to everybody, it might just feel the same,” says Cheng.

Despite the colder-than-usual October, Muskoka didn’t see a lot of storm activity, which helped us avoid a lot of snowfall. Cheng says, on average, the district would likely see about 4 centimetres, which didn’t happen this time.

“[We’re] not seeing the jet stream pulling a lot of those systems through the area, and that’s what’s been lacking really in October.”

But, he says that could change soon.

“Once we head into November we might get into more precipitation.”

This is an El Nino year, which means we could see more snowfall than usual, but meteorologists have predicted a weaker effect from the system. Cheng says it’s still too early to tell what kind of effect El Nino will have on Muskoka’s weather in December.