A Gravenhurst landlord is out $720 because of a lack of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

The landlord was fined for not supplying a tenant with them.

“These tickets are expensive, especially when compared to the cost of installing the two alarms, but the cost to the tenant could have been far more impactful had there been a fire,” said Gravenhurst Fire Chief Larry Brassard.

Smoke and CO alarms are required by law in residences, with the responsibility of homeowners to install them.

The fines come at the time of year most fire departments are raising awareness about the importance of alarms ahead of the long, cold winter season.

So far 74 people in the province have died in fires in 2018. The majority of those have been in residential type settings. Many of the homes where deaths occurred had either no smoke or carbon monoxide alarms or they were not properly maintained.

Fire officials remind residents that smoke alarms older than ten years need to be replaced, while CO alarms need to be changed after seven years.