The District of Muskoka wants you to use your phone the next time you have a question about garbage and recycling.

The District doesn’t necessarily want you to call, however. Instead, fire up its latest app, ‘Muskoka Recycles’ and find out the information first hand.

There certainly can be confusion as the schedule changes seasonally and not all areas have similar collection and recycling offerings.

Quinn Michelle is a Public Awareness Representative with the District and helped get the app created.  She says there is a constant desire to reach people in new ways with information about the District.

In the age of the smartphone, giving people the information directly only seemed to make sense.

“We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to communicate with residents of Muskoka,” Michelle says. “This is kind of a brand new way that we are trying out.

“We just want residents to have information at their fingertips and not have to look at a piece of paper, and let them sign on whenever they want.”

She points out that the real power of the app will be when things are not going to schedule, then the people will have their information updated in real time.

“Any severe weather events or issues on the road we are able to send direct updates to subscribers of the app if they wish,” Michelle confirms. “So it’s an additional communications tool that we’re going to be able to send residents immediate information.”

The app gives a full rundown on collection schedules, recycling, bag limits and who to contact if you have more questions. It is downloadable from both the iTunes Store and Google Play by searching for Muskoka Recycles.