Algonquin Highlands says it’s taking steps to deal with the crowds that Dorset Tower attracts this time of the year.

The fall colours bring crowds, increased vehicle traffic and wait times.

With Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, Algonquin Highlands staff is making sure that the traffic going around or up to the Dorset Tower is under control. Chris Card, the Parks, Rec and Trails Manager says that once the parking lots are full, O.P.P. officers will be on hand to direct traffic and allow people to park on the shoulder of Highway 35.

Card says there will only be 30 people allowed on the tower at a time. Officers will be helping groups line up and as people leave the tower, more will be sent up.

He says that anyone travelling Highway 35 in the area can expect that they will be stopped by police and asked if they are going to the tower.  If they are they’ll be added to the queue of people. Card added that if you’re going planning a long weekend visit you can expect to be waiting 15 to 20 minutes just to get into parking and potentially another 20 to go up to the tower.

If you plan on going the following weekend, Card says you can expect a wait time then too. He added that the weekends before and after Thanksgiving tend to be as busy as the Thanksgiving weekend.