It was about half the number hoped for, but considering the weather that was fine.

Over 200 hundred boaters braved choppy water and a heavy rainstorm to protest a proposed 3,600 unit condo development on Lake Rosseau at Minett.

Jordan Richards, one of the spokesmen for the group Friends of Muskoka, says he was thrilled by the turnout.

“We were thrilled,” Richards enthused. “It rained all morning and people were coming from Lake Muskoka and Lake Joe. They were battling storms to get here. So the fact so many people made it, we were really proud by how many people showed up.”

Originally Richards says they were shooting for 500 boats and 200 jet skis.

“The weather worked out just right,” he said. “The rain stopped around 2:00 and gave us enough time to do our talk and then it started raining again!”

The concept was to replicate the increased boat traffic that will be seen if the redevelopment of Cleveland’s House by Freed Developments goes to completion.

In a sales piece, Freed Developments outlines plans for up to 1500 condo units with accompanying public space, docks, bars, and restaurants. In the same piece, it also mentions an Ontario Municipal Board approval for up to 3,600 units.

The irony of even a couple of hundred boats in close proximity on Wallace Bay and what the environmental impact that would have on the lake was not lost on some social media commenters.

@MatthewBlackett  tweeted: “Save Muskoka” group opposes residential dev near waterfronts in name of environment BUT plans a protest w/ 500 boats and jet skis (cuz those things cause no enviro damage, amiright?” (sic)

@glynnbowerman wrote: “Must be nice to have these kind of problems.” (sic)