According to a study, the majority of Ontarians feel safe and satisfied with the care of the Ontario Provincial Police.

1,007 people over 16 years old with no connection to OPP were randomly surveyed across the province.

The Haliburton Highlands detachment services all four municipalities in Haliburton County and is part of the west-central region that made up  12-percent of the people who responded to the survey. The survey suggests that 97.5-percent of those surveyed felt safe or very safe, and only 1.9-percent felt unsafe despite police presence in the community.

Haliburton County boasts a large number of lakes and the survey showed that on average, people surveyed were satisfied or very satisfied with the visibility of police on waterways. The survey also shows that just over half surveyed felt that OPP should increase their presence on provincial highways.

The survey concluded that overall people are satisfied with the OPP and its presence and action in the communities of Ontario.