A dog that had been living outdoors in the Newholm area for nearly a year has finally been captured and is now looking for a new place to call home.

Gypsy, a cock-a-poo/daschund mix may have been living with an owner that passed away and then subsequently escaped. Residents of the tiny village were leaving food for the pooch, but could never manage to capture her.

But finally with her fur so matted and vision limited one man was able to get a hold of the 15 pound dog and she eventually found her way to Muskoka Dog Rescue. When she was groomed nearly another 15 pounds of hair was on the floor.


Dave Coulson runs the Muskoka Dog Rescue and he is thankful to the folks that found her and got her to him.

In all his years of running the rescue, this is the worst case of neglect he has seen, but in this instance the back story of a deceased owner, while sad, is at least not wilful and sinister towards the animal.

Coulson says Gypsy is definitely more comfortable with women than men, but he has some thoughts on who her forever home should be with.

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