Gravenhurst wants to be ahead of the game when marijuana is legalized in Canada.

In late May, town council endorsed a plan to research the impacts of marijuana legalization on Gravenhurst and its municipal services. Director of Development Services Scott Lucas says the discussion is in the very early stages. He says there are a few factors that need to be talked about now rather than later.

Lucas says the immediate question is what role the municipality will play in local enforcement in tandem with the OPP. The proposed bill only allows use on private properties and not in public.

Lucas says they’re facing down a major learning curve, but having this research will be very useful when recreational marijuana is legalized nationwide. But, he says it shouldn’t be considered a negative move by the town.

The legalization bill was recently passed by Senate and has been sent to the House of Commons for the Liberals to review the 45 amendments approved by senators. Reports suggest the recreational use of marijuana could be legalized by September.