An iconic landmark in Port Sydney is getting special recognition. A Red Maple tree at Indian Landing is getting a plaque and ceremony after being named as a Heritage Tree by Forests Ontario. The organization officially designated the landmark as a Heritage Tree at the end of March, listing it on its online database. It assesses trees for heritage status based on form, shape, colour, beauty, size, and rarity. However, it says the tree’s historical or cultural significance is the most important factor.

Forests Ontario is also providing a plaque that will be placed near the tree, the installation of which is going to be donated by Huntsville Councillor Jonathan Wiebe.

The Town of Huntsville says the plaques are usually placed directly on recognized trees, but because the Red Maple has long overhanging branches the Municipal Heritage Committee wanted to find a more accessible spot.

The idea to apply for heritage status with Forests Ontario came from a local woman, Jennifer Falvy, who owns the tree. She says it has character and is a tree of community and cultural significance. She says it’s loved by many and is a famous landmark that has become a tourism destination and caught the eye of photographers year-round. The tree is also the subject of an hour-long soundscape YouTube video, which has over 90,000 views.

There is going to be a public unveiling of the plaque on Earth Day, April 22nd, at 2:00pm. The tree is located at 787 South Mary Lake Road, and everyone is welcome.

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